Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI

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LE version of this mod. Ported by request. 

What is this and why someone may need it? 

    [*]Some mods with MCM menus may have pretty long MCM titles. So the mod name or settings category name may clip through the left menu border, especially with font replacers. Also it may happen with translated versions of mods. 

    [*]Maybe you want to re-name some mod titles via ESP Translator or similar tool for more convinient navigation. And your new titles is too long and clip through the border. 

    [*]Or you just don’t like the standard narrow list of MCM titles. 

    [*][updated with 1.0a] Or you have text clipping inside MCM menus. 

In such cases this modified wider menu can help you. 

This mod is not for everyone, most of you simply don’t need it. 

It’s just a single swf-file replacer for the latest SkyUI version. 

I recommend to start with “Wider 1.0b” and switch to “Even Wider Rescaled 1.0b[/u]” if you have clipping text in your MCMs. 


Compatibility note

Fully compatible with everything that does not change configmenu.swf file. 

Compatible with any language. 

If for some reason you use SkyUI in loose files form (unpacked BSA), just load my mod after SkyUI in mod manager. Or overwrite manually in case of manual installation.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95924

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