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[font=Times New Roman]Wield Clutter[/font]

[font=Times New Roman]Improvised Weaponry[/font]

Inspired by the mod Handyman by Canuckovitch, Wield Clutter adds 50 weaponized clutter items.

Kill a dragon with a broom! Bash a bandit with a pot! Wield jugs as shields! Unlock the secrets of the Draugr by stabbing them with lockpicks!


[font=Times New Roman]Summary[/font]

Wield Clutter adds the lesser power “Wield Clutter” that allows you to….wield clutter.

The spell is obtainable by reading the new book The Handyman’s Secret Weapon. A guaranteed copy can be found in Belethor’s shop in Whiterun, but the book will also appear in random loot.

Once obtained, activate the Wield Clutter power with a supported clutter item in your inventory (see list) to convert it into a usable weapon or piece of armor!

It will almost always have the same weight and value as its clutter counterpart. Lockpick daggers and some other items are an exception, however.


[font=Times New Roman]Available Items[/font]


Items marked with * are only found in Bandit loot

Blacksmith Hammer (Mace)

Broom (Warhammer)

Cast Iron Pot Small (Mace)

Clothes Iron (Mace)

Embalming Pick (War Axe)

Embalming Probe (Sword)

Embalming Scalpel (Dagger)

Embalming Scissors (Dagger)

Fishing Pole (Sword)*

Flagon (Mace)

Flute (Mace)

Hoe (Battleaxe)

Hook (Mace)

Hot Iron (Mace)

Key 1 (Dagger)*

Key 2 (Dagger)*

Key 3 (Dagger)*

Ladle (Mace)

Lockpick (Dagger)

Lute (Mace)

Pitchfork A (Greatsword)

Pitchfork B (Greatsword)

Quill (Dagger)

Saw (Sword)

Shovel A (War Axe/Greatsword)

Shovel B (Battleaxe)

Silver Candlestick 1 (Mace)

Silver Candlestick 2 (Mace)

Silver Candlestick 3 (Mace)

Spigot (Dagger)

Tankard (Mace)

Wine Bottle 1A (Mace)

Wine Bottle 1B (Mace)

Wine Bottle 2A (Mace)

Wine Bottle 2B (Mace)



Items marked with * are only found in Bandit loot

Bent Dwemer Scrap (Shield)

Cart Wheel (Shield)*

Firewood (Shield)

Flower Basket (Shield)

Glazed Jug (Shield)

Glazed Jug Small (Shield)

Nordic Jug Small (Shield)

Glazed Pot 1 (Shield)

Glazed Pot 2 (Shield)

Nord Pot 1 (Shield)

Nord Pot 2 (Shield)

Glazed Urn (Shield)

Silver Jug (Shield)

Troll Skull (Shield)—————————————————————————————–

[font=Times New Roman]Notes


    [*]Wield Clutter replaces hoes, Hot Irons, and Hooks with interactive versions. As such, there are slight modifications to several locations in the game, but only to replace the instances of these items.

    [*]Wield Clutter adds Woodcutting axes and improvised weaponry to Bandit leveled lists, and a weaponized cast iron pot to the chef in the Ratway.

    [*]Wield Clutter adds a unique item to Pinewatch.

    [*]Wield Clutter also adds weapon type and weapon material data to the vanilla Fork and Knife weapons, but keeps their stats the same.

    [*]Wield Clutter adds name data to the Oar item.

    [*]Hot Irons that were originally underground are brought to forges at Fort Greenwall and Lost Valley Redoubt.



    [font=Times New Roman]Future Plans[/font]


    Version 1.0 includes the weapons listed above. Future updates will fix bugs and will add new items. I plan to expand this mod as much as I can!

    If you have a particular item you want to see implemented, let me know! I’m open to suggestions.

    Items that have no purpose are given priority, so if an item is used in crafting or whatnot, it will not be considered as much as a true clutter item.

    The following items are planned for implementation in future versions of the mod:

    Dwarven Scrap

    Dwarven Clutter (pots, urns, etc.)



    Glazed Dinnerware


    Silver Dinnerware

    Dwemer Dinnerware

    Wooden Plate

    Wooden Bowl

    Cast Iron Pot – Medium

    Ruined Books

    Burned Books






    Broken Weapons

    Torch? Lantern?

    Secret items!

    Version 2.0 will include Dawnguard clutter, as well as the ability to use forks and knives and such as ammo.

    Version 3.0 will include Hearthfire clutter

    Version 4.0 will include Dragonborn clutter.[/left]

    Item reforging is planned for a 1.X update (i.e. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) and will allow the player to permanently strengthen a clutter weapon, inspired by the mod Weapon Reforging by Omnibruce. For instance, fusing two ladles will give you a Ladle +1, two Ladle +1 and you get a Ladle +2, etc.


    My main project is Relics of Hyrule. Please check it out!

    Feel free to check out my Discord.

    Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97715

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