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[font=Times New Roman]This is the original CBBE conversion by Mitosuke

[/font]I did not create this mod just reloaded my help  will be limited. 

Like to thank DeserterX and  Mitosuke for making this possible

Not retired just missing in action

[font=Times New Roman]This mod requires [/font]HDT High Heels System[font=Times New Roman]. Get it [/font]here[font=Times New Roman]![/font]

Two new optional downloads added that do not require HDT but do not contain the awesome high heels 🙁

[font=Times New Roman]A light armor that can be crafted using the tanning rack. It is primarily made from leather and leather strips. Dragon bones are needed for the heels and armlets. It has similar stats with dragonscale armor and has an invisible head part for the full armor perk. It can also be improved using the workbench.[/font]

HDT HighHeels System by hydrogensayshdt for the high heel boots.

For Top Model

XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS by xp32 for the skeleton.

Or the one I’m using and highly recommend Nakrulz Skeleton Pack (download under the optional files).


A UNP body based texture like the awesome Mature skin texture and body for UNP CBBE ADEC by Maevan2

or any of your liking.

The Ningheim Race by Seren4XX HelloSanta Urshi and co

Body: UNP Topmodel by es2

Textures: Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin

Hair: Cazy hairs and demoness hairs conversion by zzjay by cazy and zzjay

Bow and Quiver: Immersive Weapons by Hothtrooper44 – Ironman5000 – Eckss

Necklace: Expanded Jewelry Crafting by lautasantenni

Daggers: Warrior Within Weapons by BloodFree

Brokefoots UNP Mashup Compilation by brokefoot

Top Model body conversion Brokefoots UNP Mashup for UNP Top Model body with TBBP by Chitlin

Boots model Bobs Boots for CBBE and UNP HDT REQUIRED by Beazalbob69

Thank you guys for the permissions and the amazing work you did in the first place!

And of course DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 for the original UNP body.

Many thanks also to:

TKHBMVP for the German translation! Nexus ResourcesSteam Resources

Bethesda who made all this possible.

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