Willybach’s Generic Signs Resource

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This is a Modder’s resource based on Jokerine’s Blank Sign resource, Hanaisse’s Blank Roadsign mod and vanilla sign templates that I’ve modified. There are 425+ signs of a range of building types with generic labelling – Inns, Mines, Farms, Shops, Stalls and many more. The Inns and some other building signs have random images and names, that someone might find useful. 

Again, the Road signs are very generic.

Some examples include:

Inn Signs

Shop Signs

Geographical features


Road Signs

Many different kinds of buildings such as Libraries, Schools, Fisheries etc


And lots more

You are welcome to use these signs in your own game, or own mods – although I will be using some of them myself in my own mods. 

I used the templates in Jokerine’s excellent resource pack found here:

Jokerine’s Resource

I also used Hanaisse’s mod here:

Hanas Blank Roadsigns – Resource



Hanaisse.Whiterun Valley (Whiterun Hold Economy Overhaul – Doesn’t touch city interior) (SSE)

Willybach’s Whiterun (Whiterun City and Hold Overhaul – City interior overhaul) (SSE)

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95526

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