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A brief overview.

This mod fixes a gap to the left-hand side of the Windhelm Main Gate that is visible when entering the city, as well as fixing the fact that when you open the Windhelm Gate it opens fairly wide and you can see just empty space on the other side which is rather jarring and ugly.


    [*]Moves the Windhelm Main Gate (in the Tamriel [Skyrim] worldspace) very slightly to the left, properly aligning it to fix the gap.

    [*]Puts a black plane behind the Windhelm Main Gate when entering the city, this fixes the fact that it opens up into a void with an LOD right in your face.

    [*]Puts a black plane behind the Windhelm Docks Gate when entering & exiting the city, this fixes the fact that it opens up into a void with an LOD right in your face (on both sides).

    [*]Places a copy of the left-hand half (from the city-side view) of the near-gate section Windhelm Bridge into the Windhelm worldspace so as to fix the fact that it opens up into an empty blue void.


This should be compatible with everything except Open Cities, however this is not an issue, as Open Cities fixes this issue due to the very fact that it puts the entire Windhelm worldspace version of Windhelm into the Tamriel worldspace, this mod is designed for everyone who doesn’t use Open Cities, so either use this or use Open Cities.

The Windhelm Bridge seen from inside Windhelm is the Vanilla Windhelm Bridge, if you have a mod that changes the Windhelm Bridge in some way it won’t show those changes from within Windhelm, I’ll make a patch for the more popular ones if there is demand for it.

If you find a mod that this is somehow incompatible with please let me know and I’ll add it to this section or make a patch.

Suggested Mods.

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP) [Fixes a gap to the left of the Main Gate on the Windhelm side]

Marvelous Windhelm Gate [Gorgeous HD Replacer for the Windhelm Main Gate]


Go wild!

Feel free to include this in your own mods, just toss credit.

Feel free to edit this as you see fit, if you upload it just toss credit.

Have fun!

Additional Notes.

There is a small gap on the left-hand side of the Main Gate in the Windhelm worldspace side, this is however fixed by USLEEP so I didn’t bother to fix it in this mod, as at this point I’m going to assume people are using USLEEP, if you’re one of the two people who don’t use USLEEP (or even USKP) for whatever reason then feel free to fix this issue yourself and upload it if you see fit, but I simply cannot be bothered to fix an issue that is already fixed by the patch that almost every single person uses, I’d rather just not risk weird potential compatibility issues or maintaining several versions.

I might carry the USLEEP fix across in the morning when it’s not 1:15am.


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