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By FunkyGandalfCat

Note: All assets were created from scratch by me, nothing was converted from other games.

…Not very popular in Skyrim, spears are oftenly underestimated by most of warriors, coming along with the argument that spears are easily surpassed by swords, axes and such. Although, spears had proved to be extremelly usefull pieces of arsenal, being possible to handle in only one hand, or both with you prefer. Its long reach prevents enemies from getting too close, and the long reach can also be used to take care of unaware foes, by holding your spear close to the blade, its reach becomes hidden behind your body, as your enemy charges viciously against you, you can give a surprise thrust to his gullet.

Spears are more commonly used in Black Marsh, where the Argonians usually wields it to fight the big and intimidating creatures that walks the swamps.

The spears has also seen extensive use in complex army formations, such a phalanx for example, combined with a good leader and training,it can turn pretty much any army almost impenetrable.

The Winged Spear is one of its kind, this weapon is a true product of the battlefield. Its blade is wide and sharp enough to handle most of situations, while its pronounced wings can be used to trap and pin an opponent”s limbs, snag his shield and parry and entangle his weapons…

This weapon features a Dark Souls upgrading style, see the materials below.

Note: This weapon can’t be tempered, all upgrading is made on Anvils and Blacksmith Forges.

Upgrade to +1 consumes: 1 Winged Spear, 3 Silver Ingots and 1 Petty Soul Gem(Filled)

Upgrade to +2 consumes: 1 Winged Spear +1, 5 Silver Ingots and 1 Lesser Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to + 3 consumes: 1 Winged Spear +2, 3 Quicksilver Ingots and 1 Common Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to +4 consumes: 1 Winged Spear +3, 5 Quicksilver Ingots and 1 Greater Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to +5 consumes: 1Winged Spear +4, 1 Centurion Dynamo Core and 1 Grand Soul Gem (Filled)

The spear becomes enchantable at +5 level.

It also has very long reach and is faster than 2 handed weapons.

The spear is located near Hillgrund’s Tomb, when you reach the tomb, look at your compass and go south till you reach a Fallen Tree that can be used to get across the river, after this just keep going down by edge of the hill till you get to where the spear is located.

Take a look:

For those who have played Dark Souls, when you reach the location you will spot the item at first glance.


If you didn’t play it, take a look at this spoiler to see it:

The spear is the light floating by the body, interact with it to recieve the weapon.

Copy the contents of the archive to your SkyrimData folder. Overwrite the files if asked to.

Then active the .esp in Skyrim’s Launcher.


Use a installer of your choice 🙂


This mod contains an optional file for download which is a patch for the Animated Armoury – New Weapons with third person animations by NickaNak an AMAZING mod that adds tons of new weapons with nicely crafted animations, such as halberds, rapiers, pikes, battlestaffs and claw weapons!

With this patch the Winged Spear will have the Pike animations from that mod!

Humus[/url]: For his cubemap base “lycksele_evening”

Billyro: For converting Humus cubemaps properly

ObitoHideki[/url] for his beautiful pictures!


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