Winter Aspen Trees

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Vanilla Aspen trees are retextured alongside with matching lod to allow for the look of a transitional period between late Autumn and early Winter, or late Winter and early Spring. No other assets are touched. No scripts, esps & no DLCs needed. Falling leaves active.

This mod allows for more variety in the Rift’s microclimate. When uninstalling spring/summer/winter overhauls, there can be a transitional period of your choosing, realistic enough on its own, but possible to enhance with other mods.

Winter Aspen Trees should be compatible with most others using vanilla assets, even those editing DLC areas, or adding Aspen trees. The aspen lods are also updated and included.

Yellow falling leaves can be removed by other mods.


Manual – place the files into the data folder, overwrite if necessary.

Mod managers – install & activate.


Manual – remove the files from the data folder.

Mod managers – deactivate mod.

Note from the author:

I will be looking into making a transitional land texture set for the Rift. There aren’t many people who dwell there, but I find the region to be very interesting. Also, any support that should be needed, will be provided.

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