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While using the stupendous mod Wintersun, I thought I encountered a mod conflict. The Amulet of Zenithar did not have a Fortify Smithing enchantment. Later, I discovered this was actually more of an oversight. Wintersun changed the shrines, but not the amulets. My OCD would not allow this to go unfixed.


    [*]Summermyst (Optional: See Akatosh below)


    [*]This should be compatible with everything that does not change the enchantments on the Divine Amulets.

    [*]This may need to be placed below anything that makes Divine Amulets disenchantable.

    [*]All enchantments are preped for disenchanting.


(All amulet enchantments except Mara’s were changed)

Akatosh – Increased Experience: Learn all skills 10% faster.

The “Normal” version uses a perk, so the magnitude will not change.

The Summermyst version uses the Increased Experiance enchantment from that mod.

Arkay – Fortify Health: Increases your Health by 25 points.

Dibella – Fortify Speech: Prices are 10% better.

Julianos – Fortify Magicka: Increases your Magicka by 25 points.

Kynareth – Fortify Stamina: Increases your Stamina by 25 points.

Stendarr – Fortify Block: Block 10% more damage.

Talos – Fortify Shouts: Time between shouts is reduced 20%.

This uses a new effect that actually displays the real magnitude.

Zenithar – Fortify Smithing: Able to improve items 10% better.

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