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Hello! Since September ’18, I’ve been slowly working on a large dialogue expansion mod for the DLC2 hireling, Teldryn Sero. I’ve created mods in the past for other games, but this was my first ambition involving Skyrim/Skyrim Special Edition. After many months of trial and error, I’ve decided to step away from modding to work on smaller projects outside of gaming. I figured that since I’ve dedicated way too many hours into this already just for it to die away, why not see if the community would be interested in what I already have?


Now I love the Dragonborn DLC, and think that one of the best additions was introducing Teldryn Sero as a potential follower. The vast amount of his location based commentary separates him from other vanilla followers, making him feel more unique and original. After traveling with him for an extended period of time however, everything started to be pretty repetitious. My goal was to give him around 350 additional lines of dialogue by taking existing lines from other NPCs sharing his voice type, then reapplying them to different situations.

Some of these new situations include;

    [*]Player is sneaking (lines are quieter, softer, etc.)

    [*]Player is performing a task (enchanting, mining, etc.)

    [*]Player either fails or succeeds when attempting to use a lockpick

    [*]Player is a WerewolfVampire, or a Vampire Lord (when transforming, feeding, etc.)

    [*]Player is healing Teldryn, and/or they themselves have low health

    [*]visiting certain guild HQstownsetc.

    [*]additional Hellos, Goodbyes, Trading, Waiting, generic idles

    [*]variation depending on relationship rank to the player (lovers in comparison to allies/friends)

    [*]new conversational branches

    [*]+ many more!

Project’s Current State;

So far I’ve finished editing, compiling, and organizing a total of 338 .wav files. Most have only been slightly modified, however a bunch are entirely new! I spent many, many hours splicing and merging various lines together, so even though the actual file amount is 338, the content in those files consist of assets used from nearly 400 different vanilla files.

There are 250 files connected to an .esp in the Creation Kit, all with proper .fuz files. A couple lines will need their .lip/.fuz files regenerated since they played slightly out of sync while I was testing in-game.

Over 200 lines already have their conditions setup. Be aware, the Idles portion is the most incomplete! Some of the Idles need tweaking when it comes to frequency rate, some need to be moved to other categories/be deleted, while others don’t have anything in place yet (outside of the basic core such as Teldryn’s refid, follower status, etc.).

Nothing is properly scripted/connected to the dialogue branches in-game. Coding for when the player is lockpicking, healing Teldryn, and even for just the generic dialogue branches like “Follow me” and “Trading” still needs to be entered.

Some .wav files may need tweaking depending on your personal preference. A handful of lines have been used multiple times. For example, there’s a line used for when Teldryn becomes impatient while waiting to do a task for the player, while also acting as a potential goodbye ONLY when Teldryn is waiting for the player. If you run into a line you want to delete, edit, move, etc., go right ahead! It really comes down to you and where you want to take this.

Additional Details;

    [*]Although Teldryn Sero – Dialogue Expansion (TSDE) does NOT require Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO) as a masterfile, I tried to design everything in tangent so this mod can be used alongside it.

    [*]I tested this mod 6 times in-game, and had the intention of compatibility for both Oldrim, and Special Edition.

    [*]This project contains a few vague, yet suggestive comments, along with 1 new instance where “f*ck” is used. I tried to keep everything as lore-friendly as possible by sticking to the vanilla structure.

    [*]Both Dragonborn and Dawnguard are required for TSDE.

Terms of Usage;

    [*]You must ALWAYS give me credit! Even though this is now an open project, I don’t want the work I have done to go without acknowledgement. Whether that means linking back to my original post[/url], to my Nexus profile, or to my tumblr page[/url], somewhere you need to mention I participated in this mod’s creation.

    [*]This was intended to expand Teldryn Sero’s dialogue specifically, so please keep this mod centered around him. Whether that means you keep this as an expansion, you turn it into a quest, or something completely different, all I ask is that the lines are connected to him rather then another NPC.

    [*]If you decide to take this on and publish it in a more completed state, go right ahead! Upload it to Nexus, tumblr, Bethesda.net, whatever other mod sites exist out there, but you NEED to give me credit. If you have donations enabled, I ask that they are either turned off completely, or go to me (send me a PM if it even gets to that point lol).

    [*]Don’t be wack and cruddy by uploading this behind a paywall!!

Thanks for any interest in advance! If there’s any questions or wonderings, I’ll try answer what I can. I’m way beyond done with modding, and really hope someone will turn this into their own vision, and have it become something great!

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98369

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