Wizard’s Bunker – Small Starter Mage Player Home (Standalone)

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This mod is standalone, it requires no other mods. To manually use this mod just unwrap the file in your Skyrim’s Data folder.

This mod add’s a small player home for mage characters near Riverwood. (It is put a bit out of the way to avoid conflicts.) It comes fully decorated with static items (For balance) and custom meshes that really give off that Wizard Vibe.

I was always annoyed that newer characters would be homeless for so long because of the cost of buying a home. There are mods that add small starter homes, but they are usually free, and excessively big, which I really disliked. Furthermore even the ones where you buy them might offer them cheaply, but it would take a few quests before you could afford it, and you would usually need that money for gear anyway. Also, surprisingly I didn’t find a satisfactory mage starter home. Since the dungeon to get the home is small but difficult, I feel that this mod assuages all these problems.  

The home is a bit minimalistic in size, but comes with everything a wizard could ever want, from enchanting and alchemical stations, to even the four magic-related doomstones!

In order to get the home, you must complete the Embershard Mine Dungeon, which now has more bandits to make things harder. There you will find the key and a note from the previous owner. Afterwards just head on over and it is yours! It even comes with a map marker.

Made with assets from the following mod resources:

-Bookpile Resource by Chesko

-Booksets Resource by Blory

-Modder’s Resource Pack by Oaristys

-Liam’s Nature Staves Resource by Lwantson95

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97861

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