Wolf Light Armor set with sword and bow

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I make this mod for me to have better gameplay. Its named Wolf Armor bec I play as a Lycan.

The set is light Armor type created for thief gameplay with one-handed sword. It also contains one handed sword and bow.

its quite strong armor with strong enchantment  in 3 variant:

Wolf set Alpha – Most strong set base stats – 120 curiass, 80 hood 50 gloves and 50 boots = all 300 Sword shoud be 25 damange and bow damange is 31( can be craft in dragonArmor Smithing has most strong enchament)

Wolf set Delta – Is weaker ratting than Alpha, also has weaker enchament. Base stats – 80 curiass, 60 hood, 30 gloves, 30 boots = all 200 Sword damange: 20 Bow damange 24 (Can be craft in Ebony smithing)

Wolf set Omega – Most weak of all even enchament but still strong I think. Base stats 40 curiass, 30 hood 15 gloves, 15 boots = all 100 Sword damange 15, Bow damange 19 (Can be craft in steel smithing)

– Everything can be improved as normal but requies magic smithing perk

Enchament is the same of all variants but has different ratting

Curiass: Health, Stamina, magicka, carry

hood: Archery, Speech

Gloves: LockPick, PickPocket, One handed

Boots: Sneak and mluffled movement

– Created via CK (Copied from Dragonscale Armor for Curiass, gloves and boots, Nightingale Armor for hood, daedric weapons for sword and Bow)

Hope someone may like this simply mod

Note: I have retexture on DragonScaled Armor, so in your game that will looks different.

Sorry for bad english

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97099

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