Women of Skyrim – RACIAL DIVERSITY – REALISM Overhaul

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What is this mod?

This mod is an overhaul for vanilla female races.

It is a realistic and lore friendly replacer of female (humans,orcs and elves) texture and normalmaps.

Strongly based on the HD texture pack DLC normalmaps and Beauty faces by neckros

The mod was made with FEMALE NPCS in mind.

The mod is meant to be used along with my mod WOMEN OF SKYRIM to make sure there are no seams (both CBBE, UNP or Vanilla).

However you can use the optional “Body normalmaps” to make it work with other face and body textures.


It’s recommended you INSTALL WOMEN OF SKYRIM before this mod

otherwise to avoid seams use the optional body normalmap provided (unp and vanilla)


Why are you uploading another normalmap mod?

My problem with cosmetic mods,is that most of the npcs will look washed out,and completely out of place.

Since i do not like anime replacers,or npc beautifying mods that look like supermodels i decided to bring back the VANILLA look to the game…and i was pleased on how good it looked.

There was a problem tho…the eyelids…they wouldn’t work on all eye shapes,and races,and that’s where this mod was focused EYELIDS…and NECKSEAM, my two main issues with the vanilla game texures.

Since the player character would love to look better,i made myself an esp file with unique texture sets for the player only,that is not included (because one would need to install manually the textures in the new folders). But if youare interested, i can explain you how to do it!

What’s the difference with the other two Women of Skyrim mods?

Women of Skyrim female textures >> is a FULL face and body texture replacer. Females have smoother faces and YOUNGER look.

The mod is recommended for seamless results.It is also used in screenshots.

Women of Skyrim-Enhanced female normalmaps >> is a mod that only edits normalmap,and is the MIDDLE LINK between the smoothness of Women of Skyrim and the ruggedness of this mod. More focused on beautifying the characters,than making them realistic.


Normalmaps for female races (except beasts)

Tintmasks (makeup)

Face texture from Beauty faces By neckros for WOMEN OF SKYRIM 

Body normalmaps (for those who wish to use it with other skin mods)

I want my own SEAMLESS body > Tutorial and resources


Neckros for Beauty Faces

Nuska (for mod resources collecection)

HHaley (Fair Skin COmplexion)

ShinglesCat for all the knowledge sharing




If anyone was forgotten,please PM ME

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95742

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