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This is maybe last of my extra muscular followers, mainly because of permission issues with assets needed for planned Alduin mod and well some other sites were not kind to them while giving feedback. That was heartbreaking, especially after the effort I put to make them. Well they have their preferences, I am not to judge. 

However I might personally make some mods if anyone wishes. Free of cost!!

Anyways, Xelor is a simple orc follower, with orcish bikini, orcish weapons an orcish voice. She will mark your map with nearest orc stronghold on your first encounter. And compared to my other mods, she is much more muscular! Yes, more muscular than Katia and Kelly. You will find her roaming near Sven’s house in Riverwood.

Body: Custom UUNP HDT

Skin: Pride of Valhala with normal maps from Tigersan

Location: Riverwood




    [*]XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS

    [*]HDT Physics


    [*]Please do not download if you have phobia of muscular ladies


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