Xeo – a cute white-haired RaceMenu preset

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Xeo is the character I use to play Skyrim. You may ask – why Xeo? Well, the answer is simple. I am russian, so I have a russian-localizated Skyrim. Everything in the game is translated to russian, even books and notes, which is cool. BUT there is a problem – you can’t name your character with russian letters – you can use only latin symbols. But seeng my characters english-symboled name in localizated in-game letter just WASN’T IMMERSIVE. So I used a name that had symbols that both languages had. So, I chose the name Xeo. In russian it is spelled as “Heo” actually, but that’s no big deal.

And yeah, my english is bad, I know 😛

Its for the Nord race btw

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96923

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