Yirtiik and Yolos the Spirit Dragon

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Yirtiik and Yolos are characters I’ve made a long time ago, and just recently was I able to put them into Skyrim. This mod is still in development and may take me quite some time due to the fact that I’m new to the Creation Kit. The character Yirtiik is just a placeholder for now, and I wish to have a small quest line for him that explains his story a bit more. As for Yolos, I feel he’s finished. The only thing I need to fix is the staffs description which says “Summons Yolos for dur” The “dur” is meant to be 60 seconds, but I don’t know why it’s not going in. Yirtiik is a Dark Elf Vampire that will soon not only have his own small quest line, but, of course, his own dialogue. I hope you guys and girls who decide to give this small placeholder mod a chance, and if you do, I’d love to know if yous would like it to be finished to have a new follower in your Skyrim world, or if you don’t want a follower like this. Since this is my first “mod” I find it cool that players throughout the world can have my characters and I couldn’t wait to show what I have so far. A word, though.. The Staff of Yolos is a little weird with the summoning. Sometimes he needs space, and other times he doesn’t care, It seems to pick and choose when he wants to help out ;). Yirtiik has this staff and you can either take it from him and use it yourself, or let him use it, which he does when he feels he has to/wants to. Yirtiik is found in Riverwood mainly cooking on a pot just outside of it, or maybe leaning on a rail. I hope everyone enjoys

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