You Died – A death screen mod

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This is a very small mod that adds a “You Died” pop up when you die followed by a “You Died” load screen. There are seven new load screens each with a bit of a taunt. The mod is inspired by the classic Resident Evil death screen. No DLCs required, only base skyrim. 

Known issues 

Pop up can clip through the ground and objects. It may also tumble around the screen and show incorrectly when ragdolling. Fade to black may not work with ENB – it doesn’t work with my ENB so I’ve been unable to test if/how well it shows for now. Let me know if the fade is a problem.


Incompatibilities with mods that change the death Imagespace modifiers or mods that make the player essential.


The Evil Mansion – Final Edition[/url] by JPTR1 for the resident evil experience.

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