Yressi Stone-Crusher (a nord follower)

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Yressi Stone-Crusher, a 25 year old, Nord woman, who is leaving Windhelm and off to be an adventurer. Yressi was born in Windhelm and always despised the other Nord’s hatred for the Dunmer and Argonians, she had dated a Dunmer once, as well as an Argonian before that, at the ages of 15 (Agonian) and 19 (Dunmer), for which, she was paddled by her father, now deceased along with her mother. Yressi is now a warrior and does not care for the war, but does care that the world is full of monsters to slay and gents to save, she is now outside of Windhelm, about to leave, perhaps the the Dragonborn can catch her before she does leave.

Essential? Yes

Stormcloak? No

Marriageable? Yes

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