Yressi Storm-Cloak (a nord follower)

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Yressi, A 32 year old former imperial soldier, has just left Windhelm after telling her father, Ulfric, that she despises him and the Stormcloaks and has decided to take her Imperial armor and imperial sword and leave Windhelm. Yressi was once an Imperial Soldier and remained that way even after the Stormcloak rebellion had begun, she was given leave to retire after taking an arrow in the knee, and getting beaten by group of orcs. Yressi is about to leave Windhelm perhaps the Dragonborn can stop her and convince her to accompany him and perhaps take her fathers, her or even join the imperials again, or neither.

Essential? Yes

Has she taken an arrow in the knee? Yes

Marriageable? Yes

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97886

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