Ysadette – The Lady In Flames (Standalone Follower)

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At long last, I’ve gotten my act together and made something. This one’s for you, waeq17. And everyone else, I guess. Sorry to keep you waiting.

This mod, if you weren’t able to guess by the title, adds in a handy-dandy standalone follower to…well…follow you, I guess.

So, this is the part where I was going to tell you all about her backstory and stuff so you can marvel at my lore-friendliness.

Except there’s one problem. All of it won’t fit here, you see. Well, I don’t think it would anyway. As of now, the details of her story (and a few others’, mind you) are quite literally expansive enough to be a whole book. Instead of trying to type all that out here, I’ll just link you to Fanfiction.net, where the story itself is. That way, you can read as much of it as you like if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. Oh, and I don’t have to see how long I can make this description before I break something. So, here you are, in all it’s meaty, amateurish (probably, I’m a hobbyist, not a professional), glory…

Shameless plugging section over. You’re here about the mod, aren’t you? Let’s get to talking about it.

Follower Info:[/center][/i][/b][/size][/color]

Name: Ysadette

Race: Breton (Technically a custom race)

Combat Style: Destruction Mage

Level: 10 but should level with the player.

Weight: 100

Default Outfit: Hedge Mage Armor. Assets provided very generously by
Elleh and personalized with Outfit Studio to fit a little better.

Body: Made in Bodyslide with CBBE Curvy as the base. XML file included as an optional download. By using that, you can convert your favorite outfits to fit her.

Starting Location: At a place called “Mysterious Crater” near Falkreath, which is marked as an undiscovered location when the mod is first installed. Once you arrive, you’ll find a Black Book that will take you to her actual location. While you’re there, complete the short, unmarked quest to collect the four notes that offer an explanation for her presence. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the Book but if you have any trouble…CHECK THE SCREENSHOTS ABOVE!!

Other fun facts:

    [*]She can’t be married. Yes, really. Or, uh, no, I mean. No turnin’ her into your wife. That’s it. Unless you use the console, that is. I’m sorry. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. If you read the story, you’ll understand why.

    [*]Her hood is unique and shows her hair.

    [*]Her inventory is inspired by stuff she’s fond of; canis root tea, books, and apple pie.

    [*]Also in her inventory, a spell tome entitled “Teleport Ysadette.” It will teach you the spell to teleport her to your location.


    [*]Download manually. Or, if you’re using a mod manager (which would be a good idea) that supports the function, download it by using the “download with manager” button.

    [*]If you’re installing manually, drag the contents of the mod’s data folder (Ysadette.esp, meshes folder, textures folder, scripts folder) into your Skyrim data folder.

    [*]If you’re using a mod manager, just install it however the the program prefers to do.

    [*]Once in game, check the map and look for a marker near Falkreath named, “Mysterious Crater.”

    [*]Using your preferred method of travel, go there. On foot, on horseback, on another follower’s back, careening through the sky with those rocket boots from that one mod…


    [*]An up-to-date copy of Skyrim.

    [*]Also the Dragonborn DLC.

    [*]A pulse, maybe. Barring that, any form of consciousness will do well enough. I don’t judge.

Suggested Mods: Extensible Follower Framework -OR- Amazing Follower Tweaks

My Home is Your Home (MHiYH 2PLUS)

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO
Credits/Special Thanks: Alluring Potion Bottles v3 by jbvw

Amulets of Skyrim by uni_SL

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente

Brows by Hvergelmir

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- also by Ousnius and Caliente

CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes) by Blabba

Demoniac by Regenbot03

Freckle Mania 2 by tetrodoxin

Hedge Mage Armor by Elleh

KS Hairdos – Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic

Racemenu by Expired

Smile in HD by zzjay

Snapdragon Prime ENB by tetrodoxin

The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

Also, a special shout-out to HermitWitch on Fanfiction.net for testing the mod!
While the follower is standalone, the Racemenu preset isn’t. If you’re going to be using that, you’ll need these for it to appear properly:


CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes)


Freckle Mania 2

KS Hairdos – Renewal


The Eyes of Beauty
Known Issues:

    [*]When you recruit her and leave the book, she doesn’t like to follow you. She’ll come with you if you fast travel, but if you don’t like doing that, you can just use the spell to teleport her to your side.

    [*]She doesn’t return to the Black Book when she’s dismissed. If you’re using something that allows you to set a follower’s home location I’d suggest using that to set her so she’ll return to wherever you like. Is her lack of a home thematic and appropriate to her character as it is in the story? Well, yes, but it might also be annoying. If you dismiss her and forgot where you left her, again, use the spell.

Future Plans:

    [*]Probably some alternative appearances to reflect the story’s progression and how the events affect her. May or may not have different spells.

    [*]Also a good bit of bug-smashing depending on what pops up. God, I hope I don’t gotta do that. But this is my first mod so do be gentle.

    [*]And, assuming the monkey in my head stops picking his teeth for long enough to make a coherent thought, she might gain the ability to heal you in battle. As of now, though, that monkey is knuckle deep. I’m not making any promises.

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