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This mod will allow you to create two types of red and green poison apple in the cooking pot.

And there is also a “Prince’s Kiss” for treatment in case of accidental attack.

Of course, not only romantic(?), Poison apple can be applied to weapons,

and “Prince’s kiss” can be used to treatment NPC.


-How to make poison apple-

・Z Apple [Red Sleep] x 100 (Sleep for 18000 second(5 hour).)

 Ingredient: Red Apple x 1,Paralysis poison*(small) x 1,

・Z Apple [Green Poison] x 100 (20 point Health damage, continues for 10000 second(total 200000 point).

[/color] Ingredient: Green Apple x 1,Lingering Damage Health poison*(small) x 1,

[/color]・Z Fork [Prince’s kiss] → Please obtain it at the “AddItemMenu“.


  Restore Health       (Health recovery    1000)

  Restore Magicka    (Magicka recovery 1000)

  Restore Stamina    (Stamina recovery 1000)

  Cure Disease          (Disease treatment)

  Cure Poison            (Poison treatment)

  Cure Paralysis        (Paralysis treatment)


Author’s Question:

Using Z Apple [Red Sleep], can clear the quest “Missing in Action” without being hostile?

* Excuse me I am Japanese. Translated by Google.

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