Zelina Ravenheart- RaceMenu Preset

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Been awhile since I uploaded something on Nexus. I’m going to start uploading my RaceMenu presets on here, and I’ll be starting with my main character: Zelina Ravenheart, my Temptress.

Mods Required:

RaceMenu (obviously) -LINK

Temptress Race -LINK

SG Hair Pack 268 (Google it)

Mods Recommended (to make her look exactly like the screenshots):

Fair Skin Complexion -LINK (any skin mod will do, this is just the one I use)

RaceMenu Overlay Compilation (for body moles) -LINK

Pubes Forever (for pubic hair) -LINK

NOTE: If the body of the character appears all purple, set the Body Textures in RaceMenu to “default”


Temptress Race

LadyHorus’ TERA ARMOR UNNP (CBBE HDT conversion)

SG Hair Pack 268

Fair Skin Complexion

Seasons of Skyrim ENB

Wyvern Rock Castle

Realistic Skyrim Overhaul

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97247

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