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First, thank you everyone that’s been messaging me. I’m already aware of these certain people that been saying stuff about me. One of them been harassing me for years, which is why I took my mods down from the Nexus before but I won’t be bullied.

I’m aware of the all the post and how this particular Skyrim modding group admins on Facebook have been relentlessly attacking me.

Yes, it’s true that one of the main people behind the harassment scammed me out of a gaming rig, hundreds of dollars by pretending to have a devastating disease.  I don’t make much money but I felt the need to help, little did I know what would happen next.

Anyway, out of respect for the Nexus Admins and (fear of their banned hammer) I won’t be mentioning names or discussing this anymore on the Nexus.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the support you’ve had shown during their relentless attacks.

Nuff said, download my mod, endorse and share some pics plzzzz.. thx happy gaming!

Zero Two Follower

Location – Palace of the Kings, Windhelm

Race – custom 

Class – Duel wield or unarmed

Can marry

Install –

Two Versions to Choose From:

Directors Cut:    – Custom UUNP texture and mesh mash up  Requires: **GRIM ZeroTwo X Shademzu and  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended – XPMSE

Default: – Compatible with CBBE, UUNP, 7b, Vanilla etc. Uses your default body and skin texture settings.  Requires: **GRIM ZeroTwo X Shademzu and  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended – XPMSE

**GRIM ZeroTwo X Shademzu: ESP Plugin is not required for this followers default outfit BUT There’s many more options in Grims ZeroTwo outfit mod so I recommend using the esp for all the other outfit styles.

Please Note – My follower mods often share the same file path. I do this to make my mods more performance friendly and to take up less space on the harddrive. 

So if you have one of my mods installed this may ask to overwrite all for NMM, you can choose either yes or no, it doesn’t matter.. 

Same goes for MO, you’ll see conflicts but they really aren’t conflicts..

I don’t know what you see with Vortex.. bugs maybe? ­čśŤ

This mod does have an update to the director cut body, small update that puts a little more cushion in the tush… a little more junk in the trunk. not much just a small tweak.. 

so you may want to “yes to all” or MO set to have priority but again it doesn’t really matter so it’s up to you.

**IMPORTANT: Default and Directors Cut are not compatible with each other. The facegen will cause a body and head color mismatch if you mix the versions up. So be sure to remove the previous version before installing the other version. You probably don’t need a clean save but it certainly wouldn’t hurt..


Character Creation:

RaceMenu Created byExpired

Enhanced Character Edit Created byECE team (tktk1)

NifSkope 2.0 Dev 7 by jonwd7

NPC Nif Merge Created byTurulo

Creation Kit By Bethesda


TES5Edit Created byElminsterAU and the xEdit Team

DDSopt – Optimization of DDS Textures Created byEthatron

Optimizer Textures (Ordenador) Created byAdPipino

7-Zip[/url] free software with open source 

Skyrim Script Extender[/url] (SKSE)

Loosely based from the Electra preset by Pajiman

Body Shape (Default):

N/A – Uses your default body meshes, this version is compatible with everything. ( i think)

Body Shape (Directors Cut):

BodySlide and Outfit Studio Created by

Ousnius and CalienteFile credits

– Caliente- Ousnius- ChronoTrigger77

– stuffed_bunny

– btn2k3 for kicking off the Unified UNP project

– Halofarm for the Unified UNP feet and hands

– HeroedeLeyenda for helping with the HDT setup or UUNP Special

– Each of the creative minds that made one of the shapes UUNP consists of

– Groovtama for the RM Morph scripts and XPMSE as the OS reference skeleton

Rebirth Oppai Bodyslide By Asherz

Skin Textures (Default):

N/A – Uses your default body meshes, this version is compatible with everything. ( i think)

Skin Textures (Directors Cut):

rxkx22 for Bijin skin UNP and CBBE 

HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion  

Maevan2 for Mature Skin Anini n

Regenbot03 for PureSkinTexture  

Zonzai and Seren4XX for Real Girls 

Gearhog for Real Women of Skyrim  

Hello Santa for SG Female Textures Renewal 

Hidanna for UNP Tender Hands 

diehart for Better makeup for SKSE

SvarogNL for Fitness Body

Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture Created byRegenbot03


KS Hairdos – Renewal Created by

Kalilies and Stealthic


Eyes of Aber  Created by Aberin

llygaid Eye Improver from zhoulia

Cute Eyes Created by tktk

Improved Eyes Skyrim Created by missjennabee and Nazenn


Pretty Face Created by tktk (Darker Brow Option)

numenume femalebrows MARO Created by numenume

HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion  

Mods used for Screenshots:

Snapdragon Prime ENB

Screenshot Hotkeys – SHOT

ENB Helper

ENB Particle Patch



Outfits in Screenshots:

GRIM ZeroTwo X Shademzu

[Melodic] KDA Akali

Not sure about the school uniform, any ideas?

MAFKit Online MAFKit Online[/url] MAFKit Online MAFKit Online[/url] MAFKit Online MAFKit Online[/url] MAFKit Online


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