Zim’s Bag of Holding

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The aim of this mod is to provide a believable, immersive means of storing

a vast collection of potions, ingredients, soul gems and other clutter in your inventory.

This mod has been made to improve immersion. The Dragonborn can carry hundreds of items, including books, coins, antlers, potions in glass bottles, axes, clothing, armor and soul-trapping rocks, all while slaying dragons, vampire lords and daedra. Players aiming for immersion may try to limit what they carry for realism, but I find this makes the game less fun. This mod provides a new way of storing your inventory that is less immersion-breaking.

The Bag of Holding

Adds the Bag of Holding, an enchanted, portable, non-respawning, wearable storage unit.

A mysterious backstory to make the Bag feel like it belongs in Skyrim.

Includes customizable auto-packing features that automatically store items when picked up.

Requirements and Compatibility

No other mods or DLCs are required to use this mod, and it’s fully compatible with all my mods.

It may be incompatible with other mods that amend Bloodlet Throne.


Special thanks to Gamwich for allowing me to use a texture file from Rustic Clothing,

and to Dragten for allowing me to use a mesh file from Bandoliers.


The Bag of Holding is an item of clothing that can be equipped. While in your inventory, you will have access to the Bag of Holding lesser power, which gives you access to the Bag’s contents. You can also access the Bag’s contents by unequipping it (so you can set the Bag as a favourite item and use hotkeys to access it’s contents).

Accessing the Bag of Holding is like accessing any other non-respawning storage option. The Bag is enchanted to store an unlimited supply of items.

However, by default, weapons and armor can’t be stored in the Bag (this can be changed using the customization options, see below).


While equipped, the Bag of Holding has an auto-packing feature. This means that when an item is picked up, it is automatically stored

in the Bag of Holding instead of the player’s inventory (you can customize which types of item are auto-packed, see below).


There are three customizable features of the Bag of Holding:

1) Storage: decide what can and cannot be stored in the Bag

2) Auto-packing: decide which items are automatically stored in the Bag when you acquire them

3) Auto-equip: when enabled, the Bag will automatically equip whenever it’s in your inventory.

This is useful for players who want to hotkey the Bag to their favorites; whenever you unequip

the Bag to access its content, it automatically re-equips

I created the Bag of Holding for carrying necessities, such as potions, ingredients and soul gems, not for carrying hundreds of weapons or armor items, which I can do without. As such, certain features of the Bag are disabled by default. They can be enabled or disabled, however, whenever the Bag is added to you inventory from the world space (i.e. not from a container). If the Bag is already in your inventory, drop it and pick it up again to open the customization menu and decide what features are enabled and disabled.

By default, the following features are enabled/disabled:


– Apparel (including clothing, armor and shields)

– Arrows (including crossbow bolts)

– Weapons (including melee weapons, bows, crossbows and staves)


– Books (including books, tomes, letters and notes)

– Gold coins

– Keys

– Miscellaneous items (i.e. items that don’t fall into any of the other categories, such as torches, lockpicks and household items)


– Food

– Gemstones

– Alchemy ingredients

– Jewelry

– Potions (including poisons)

– Scrolls

– Smithing equipment (including ores, ingots and animal parts)

– Soul gems


This is disabled by default


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