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This mod adds 10 new bodypaint designs, compatible with both Male bodies and CBBE and UNP female bodies. The designs are based in the upcoming Lupine 2 mod I am currently working on, and I hope to be able to release additional volumes from the ‘Designs of the Lupine’. You can choose to download just the Female versions, or you can download the Female and Male versions, the female versions allowing you the option of either UNP or CBBE body families for texture compatibility.


RaceMenu[/url] – You need this to access the overlays, but you are free to read the lore if you so choose.


In order to use these paints, you must hover over the default values in the Makeup, Body Paint, Hand Paint, and Feet Paint sections in Racemenu and press “T”. The paints you installed can be found starting with the name ”Lupine – Ziovendian” and depending on the version installed, you will find them labeled as Male and Female versions. Color can be adjusted with “E” and pressing “T” while in the color adjustment menu will bring up the glow menu, which will allow you to add a glowing effect to the paint (excluding makeup).

I hope you enjoy the paints, and if you wish to learn some more about the Lupine, the Ziovendian, and the paints, you can read the following section!

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With that out of the way, the following is the relevant lore within the Lupine lore *Excerpts from the written records of a lupine archivist, entitled Designs of the Lupine*

The Lupine, lycanthropes whom have fallen deaf to the call of the hunt, and listening to a new call, one faint and ancient. The Lupine, in whatever form they may be, have always carried the Lycanthropic curse. Whether they be one cursed against their will, or one who seeks to overthrow their natural tendencies, both of the beast, and of themselves. This is the crux of the Lupine, rejecting the influence of Hircine or any other being which would manipulate them for the gain of the being and not the individual. Lupine seek a life (and death) other than what is offered by Hircine, or any other being without the desire to improve the condition of its followers and worshippers. Instead the Lupine follow an ancient spirit, long forgotten…

Now, onto the topic at hand. The Ziovendian, the nomadic Lupine of Falkreath and the Reach. Living in many hidden dens spread across the area they roam, they live in smaller units than most other Lupine, oftentimes only 1 to 3 families in a den at most. The Ziovendian though spread, are very well connected to each other, and feel that their pack is their second family.

On the subject of the Ziovendian, I have found the diversity among them both fascinating and enlightening to their culture amongst the Lupine. As the most diverse among the Lupine found in Skyrim, the Ziovendian contain members from many of the races to be found on Tamriel. Breton, Nord, Khajiit, Imperial, whatever race you can imagine has likely had some influence upon the culture of the Ziovendian.

One major aspect of this, has been the emphasis on bodypaints, the Ziovendian being the pack first to adopt such practices, which have spread to the others, and taken upon their own styles. This has likely come about due to a considerable number of Ziovendian Lupine being of Reachman and Nordic backgrounds, both of which have had an honored tradition in the art in times past. Over time the designs have diversified and taken their own shape.

Each paint holds a special meaning to the Ziovendian Lupine, and with proper usage, was an effective way to show status, identity, and enhance the beauty of the body. On observation of the paints in person, one would likely notice that most if not all have the Ziovendian Print incorporated into the design.






Thirian Markings




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