ZMDs Feet Nail Texture Overlays for Race Menu CBBE 4 or 8K

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[font=Georgia]ZMDs Feet & Nail Texture Overlays for Race Menu & CBBE [/font]

ANY COLOUR NAILS YOU WANT VIA RACE MENU, Combine the overlays for original looks.

Pretty nails and or dirty soles Or cut or damaged soles? No probs..its all covered with the mod!

The soles have been blended using the skin tone of “The Pure CBBE Mod”

You should be able to match your characters skin tones of the soles overlays using the RaceMenu colour sliders.

Try blend a few together. Try matching your chars skintone colour save colour / load colour. 

Adjusting your character feet size may improve the visual appearance of the soles overlays.

There are 4 and 8 K Versions in the download section.

Mod has been tested and designed for CBBE Body types.

This mod will likely get a few updates . Please Endorse if you enjoy

Available for SE and LE

Massive Thanks to DomainWolf who Compiled my Scripts for this mod:)

Please check out there texture mods too, some of the best overlays around.

DomainWolfs Mods



Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)[/url]


NMM or manual install(drag and drop to data folder)

Additional Thanks & Credits:(Brushes for gimp)

Obsidian Dawn 


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