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Nature’s Lure Subtle Edition – Throw Voice replacer patch for USLEEP

This mod overwrites the Throw Voice audio files added by USLEEP for the following VoiceTypes (1 file each): FemaleArgonian, FemaleElfHaughty, FemaleKhajiit, FemaleOrc, MaleArgonian, MaleElfHaughty Instead of throwing insults, your voice mimics creature sounds to create a distraction. Notes: Before – After audio demonstration Credits by by Recommended by

Roblox Death Sound

————————————————————————– ————————————————————————– This is modified version of miken700’s Scream of Wilhelm mod. It uses the same framework he/she used, but the Wilhelm Scream is replaced by the Roblox death sound. The ID names have been changed to allow this mod to work independently. It took me hours to get it […]