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Red Hair

English version -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                      Red Hair -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-    Nome: RedHair.esp    Data: 25 maggio 2019 (versione 1.0)    Autore: i486DX2    Dipende da: Skyrim.esm    Aggiunge cinque tonalità di rosso per i capelli (per umani e elfi):       Auburn – biondo rame       Vivid Auburn – biondo rame vivido       […]

Ethereal Elven Waif – UUNP BodySlide Presets

This is a girlish and gracile (and elf-oriented) series of BodySlide presets for UUNP (or any other slider set compatible with UNP-based textures). It’s very bottom-weighted (though not “monster booty”), while petite at the same time – small-breasted, non-muscular. It’s kinked forward in the abdomen, with a corset-trained waist. It’ll […]

UNPB Chapi Naturalized – BodySlide Presets

This is a carefully tweaked overhaul of the UNPB Chapi BodySlides, to be more natural-looking (but still rather “dreamgirl” proportioned), and to have actual weight-slider options instead of being the same at 0 and 100 weight. Almost all the sliders adjust from 0 to 100, for natural weight progression. It’s […]