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Serene – CBBE HDT Body Preset

[font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [font=Comic Sans MS][/font] NMM or manually will do the job, unless you’re drunk. Please consider making some minor changes on your nioverride.ini located in DataSKSEPlugins. Open nioverride.ini file, scroll down and find [Overlays/Body], make the following changes as i have: iNumOverlays=20 ; Default[20] After that scroll down a little bit […]

Pervanche – A semi-elf character preset for Racemenu

Face preset + face sculpt included, body preset is a custom variant of Robton’s Tiddy McButt. High Poly head : NEEDS  ! 😀 Things you’ll need to grab: –  for them HQ edges –  – –  –  – Maevan’s Brows[/url] (not the dynamic color changing one -aka the dark ones-)- Stoja’s Warpaints replacement [/url]– –  (for stretch […]