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SC – Glacierslab Addon

================================================  DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS MOD TO OTHER SITES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. IF YOU WANT TO SHARE OR USE MY FILES, CONTACT ME FIRST!  ================================================ ================================================ Description:  New ice shaders for caves and ice related stuff. The mod was made with  in mind, but can be used without. Covers icebergs, […]

Waters Of Tamriel

This simple mod supplies new textures to improve upon the vanilla textures of the Realistic Water Two mod. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Basic information: The mod contains 5 new normal maps that improve the overall realism of Skyrim’s waters without any cost to realism. All the textures are at the default resolution of 2048×2048 meaning […]

Wild Grass Skyrim

My skyrim.ini Settings   [Grass] iGrassCellRadius=2 bAllowCreateGrass=1 bAllowLoadGrass=0 bGrassPointLighting=1 b30GrassVS=0 iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure=15     iMinGrassSize=10    (change this setting to 30-40 for more fps) [font=Georgia][/font] Rudy ENB vivid weathers version Dragonlands ENB https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88352/ [/url]  Planning on adding plants eventually also …

Mojo Grass

This mod replaces/adds the grass objects and removes the auto-generated pebbles and underwater grass. [line][heading]Installation[/heading] Install via a mod manager. If you prefer to not remove the underwater grass objects, load this mod before underwater grass mods. Cleanup with Tes5Edit is not necessary. Identical to Master records left in the […]