Tag: Mercantiles (shops, stores, inns, taverns, etc)


Do you hate spending 50  coins just on beef stew? Does the lack of currency variations in Skyrim make your blood boil? Then you need the ULTIMATE COINAGE AND CURRENCY EXCHANGE UNITY PATCHᵀᴹ for Requiem! (It’s past midnight already, don’t judge me!) _____________________________________________________________________________________ This is a patch I originally made […]

Riften Market merchant for Brynjolf’s vacant stall

A new merchant takes over Brynjolf’s stall at the Riften Market (after he leaves), opening a gift shop. Appears at the same moment as Riften’s Thief Caches. Merchandise: daggers, jewelry, sweets and wine (with extra Sweetrolls!), flowers, restore H/M/S potions, books, gems. She lives with Valindor (they are lovers). Tools: […]

Equipment For An Thief

[font=Arial]Architecturaly,this mod remodels V. Gatharian’s shop,but it keeps its vendor. Also it changes his sell list.Now he sells,if you ask me,much more usefull equipment. [/font] [font=Georgia] Summon Nightingale Archer Summon Nigthingale Fighter Lesser Power : Short Teleport  [/i][/font]  Credits : SJogga ClipsyMoon Insanity Oaristys ShadowTroop PrivatEye lautasantenni UndeadSadness