Tag: Mercantiles (shops, stores, inns, taverns, etc)

Riften Market merchant for Brynjolf’s vacant stall

A new merchant takes over Brynjolf’s stall at the Riften Market (after he leaves), opening a gift shop. Appears at the same moment as Riften’s Thief Caches. Merchandise: daggers, jewelry, sweets and wine (with extra Sweetrolls!), flowers, restore H/M/S potions, books, gems. She lives with Valindor (they are lovers). Tools: […]

Equipment For An Thief

[font=Arial]Architecturaly,this mod remodels V. Gatharian’s shop,but it keeps its vendor. Also it changes his sell list.Now he sells,if you ask me,much more usefull equipment. [/font] [font=Georgia] Summon Nightingale Archer Summon Nigthingale Fighter Lesser Power : Short Teleport  [/i][/font]  Credits : SJogga ClipsyMoon Insanity Oaristys ShadowTroop PrivatEye lautasantenni UndeadSadness