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Smooth Argonians

  This is my attempt to make argonians smoother while maintaining their scaly look. [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]UNPCBBE support for females and SOS support for males[/font]   Because the vanilla npcs were designed around the vanilla textures *duh* I had to edit them to make them look alright with my textures, and that’s what the esp […]

Cloaks of Skyrim – My HD version

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cloaks of Skyrim – My HD version by Xtudo v1.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Description =========== I like to have my Skyrim the most “medieval” possible. So I did this HD textures for the excellent Cloaks of Skyrim mod by Nikinoodles. I also recommend to install the Nerevars – Cloaks of Skyrim […]