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NPC Stat Rescaler

NPCs in Skyrim suffer from severe stat bloat. As their level increases, their health pool increases extremely quickly, turning mid level enemies onward into damage sponges. In addition, many NPCs have ludicrously fast magicka regeneration, making it effectively impossible for them to run out. The NPC Stat Rescaler is a […]

Pandorable’s NPCs – Dawnguard (Russian translation)

Установка: (можно вручную или через менеджеры модов) 1. Скачайте оригинал мода в разделе  и поместите содержимое архива в папку Data в игре. 2. Скачайте переведённый .ESP и установите в папку Data в игре, согласившись на замену файлов.     Для версии USLEEP требуется неофициальный патч Skyrim Legendary Edition.

Knight-Errant (VIGILANT Add-on)

Add-on of . Add Knight who equipping armors and weapons of VIGILANT in skyrim.   Neutral ————————————————– Knight of Nine Added in leveled-list of vigilant of Stendarr. Enemy ————————————————– Robber Knight  Added in leveled-list of Bandit. they appear when Player Lv >= 30. Vampire Knight  Added in leveled-list of Vampire. they appear when Player […]

Genesis Unleashed Levelled – Dungeon Spawns and Encounters

                                                      *********LEVELED**********   [/center] [/size][/color][/size][/color][/color]      What is It?  A standalone add-on feature for our main mod (meaning our main mod is necessary) that replaces the need for mods such as the Populated series of mods (dungeons, crypts, and caves). Our […]