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Blackreach is a dangerous place. Full of falmer, chaurus and machines left by the dwemer. With all these hazards, it can be a real life-saver to have a safe place to hide, when things get a bit crazy. So it’s your luck that an ancient house used by a dwemer remained intact, even after the dwemer themselves disappeared.

The Location

 Across the river, to the east of Vulthuryol’s lantern, is a small house, hanging from the ceiling of the cave. The only access to the building is a ladder, placed in some dwemer piping. The house has a small storage area, an enchanting/alchemy laboratory, a bedroom, kitchen, and of course everything you need for a complete forge.

Through Blackreach

While there is an access point to the house from the surface, it has a door locked tight. So you will need to go to Blackreach first, through one of the ruins, then of course, you need to make your way to the house itself. Once you reach the balcony, you are free to use the lift to the surface, and open the gate. The house gives you a fast and -more importantly- safe path to Blackreach.


By default, in the center of the house is an astroable on the table. You can, however, change it to a different statue. In the bedroom is a button, pressing this will allow you to change the astrolabe to a dwemer sphere or spider statue at any time.


The original owner of the house was quite skilled in many things. Most notably smithing and enchanting. Therefore the house is filled with enchanted dwemer gear, and even a special warhammer, forged by the owner for themselves.

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