Slof’s Colourful Critters

I’ve re-posted these here bundled onto one page for ease of use and finding. Any new retextured critters will also go here so they can be kept in one place.

Dawnguard Husky

After looking for a higher resolution texture for the husky from Dawnguard,

and only finding some that were the original texture made bigger, I

decided to do a full retexture job from scratch. Using high-res photos

of huskies, I made a completely new texture, and with a small tweak to

the mesh, was able to give the new husky odd-coloured eyes. This is a

common feature of many huskies, and one that I find adorable! Dogs are

available with male or female mesh and retextured leather armour.

Armoured husky has blue eyes, unarmoured has odd-eyes:



I made this as the dogs were so grey they were often difficult to see in

the less vibrant parts of Skyrim. I just wanted to add some colour.


Sabrecats (Smilodon)

I made this at a request, plus I like painting cat fur. The brown cat is

now more vibrant in colour, with bold, black tiger stripes, and the

white one is paler with defined leopard spots and ice-blue eyes.

Respective pelts are also made to match. Mounted cat heads will also

have the same new textures.


Hairier Werewolf

I wanted a more hair-covered wolfy that looked a bit less moth-eaten and

threadbare patchy, so I performed a bit of a hair transplant! I also

made the werewolf lighter in colour, more like a real wolf.


Red Werewolf

I made this for my high elf character, Vernon, who has red hair – I felt

that he should keep the hair colour even in his wolfy form! I may

eventually make others sepending on my characters’ hair colour.



I woke up one morning with this urge to retexture trolls! I’ve made them a

little more colourful; frost troll has whiter fur and blueish-purple

skin and blue eyes. Common troll has browner fur and yellow eyes. The

Uderfrykte is now pale skinned and ginger-furred with red eyes.

I made an extra version for those who want them – these trolls are male!

Both frost and common troll now have male parts to match their

colouring. The Uderfrykte I believe is female, so left that one as such.



Just because they’re rats doesn’t mean they have to be grotty and

ill-looking – besides, I actually like rats! I decided to give the

skeevers a total overhaul, with sleek, healthy fur, along with some

fancy markings. There is a brown and a grey variant (replacing the

original black and white), both have a stripe of white along their backs

– just because I felt like it. And it makes them easier to see! Texture

alpha channel and normal map have both been reworked, and now at higher

res than the originals.

I’ve included an edited skeever mesh, as I had to tweak the UV map to get the effects I wanted.



I made this at a request, plus I like painting fur. The black wolf (most

common) is now more like timber-wolf colouring, pale legs and fawn body

with some black. Ice wolves are now whiter with ice-blue eyes.

Respective pelts are also made to match. Mounted wolf heads will also

have the same new textures.



Bears have had an overhaul to make them more distinct from each other. Polar

bear now has the more typical black tongue and more creamy fur.

All these can be considered as modders’ resources.


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